Welcome, we are Twintreess — Marilyn & Tohmas.


We listen to all of life within us and around us. That may sound simple, but in this time of constant noise and activity, it requires us to follow our Spirits every moment, over and over again. It means that we must choose to open our Hearts, every now, and welcome in every wonder and challenge the Earth has to offer.

Each morning, we thank Grandfather Sun for warming our hearts and growing all the plants. Then we listen to the birds, the winds, the mountains and plan our day to weave into all of those rhythms, seamlessly, with all the respect that we know how to give. We do this with our every breath. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, it does seem like a lot when you realize that we’re running several businesses (including a non-profit ) simultaneously. Yet it’s exactly that fully intentional commitment within a very busy life that birthed miracles that we did not know existed, until they appeared on our doorstep…every day.

By listening we found that all forms of life have a story.

When someone truly listens to the story, that lifeform blossoms (as does the listener). It grows

beyond itself and its destiny. It is able to give power and joy right back to lifeforce, itself.

Then all of us are more alive; we are the wonders that we always secretly hoped we could be.

For ourselves, we discovered that when Marilyn and Tohmas listen to our Spirits, we act as one

being — Twintreess — literally. That union opens us up to communications that we almost

dreamed of … forever. As quiet types, our Hearts especially resonate with all the Spirits of

Nature. We receive their gentle, unbelievably kind, and unconditionally supportive words totally.

Their grace inspires much beyond our own words.

We are here to share all those words. Would you like to listen?

Much to our own surprise, the words became a book. The book became a journey all over this country. The new journey became more books, then tapes, videos, a deck for manifesting miracles, work/playshops, vibrational jewelry and tools of all kinds — each one worn by our bodies first. Everything grew through us, beyond us, and it continues to grow.

Our Spirit family calls us Spirit Storytellers. It’s our job to care for all these stories and make sure that they go out into the world, just as they were spoken, to every other being on this planet. We have a business that cares for all the words and the tools of support named, AhhhMuse. The name gifted itself to us and it is a Spirit of Earth support for you as well.

Say it out loud: AhhhMuse . . .

When you say it, you have to breathe.

You have to stop and breathe.

That’s its gift, even when you don’t think about it.

AhhhMuse, just by its name, celebrates our listening to and breathing with our Spirits.

They inspire us beyond ourselves and that creativity goes out to the world and grows more lifeforce, more magic and just plain more.

That’s our Story. Now you know us at the core. You see why we are on this Earth. It’s a free gift as this is how we have been taught to give and to be.


We feel so grateful for the gift of you in our lives.

So welcome to this Website. We were invited to do it with all our Heart and Soul (like we do everything) from the whisperings of our Spirits. Do you realize that we’re talking across the ethers right now… very much like the way that we, Twintreess, talk with the Earthspirits? The awe just keeps growing and growing.

This Website is dedicated to you, its listeners, and in that dedication, we invite you to talk to us very soon.

This Website is not created as an impersonal attempt to produce money. Its core alignment is to connect us all as community under the precepts of respect and love, and then the joy and abundance that naturally flows from that alignment.. Call us, or e-mail us and talk with us about your needs and desires or just talk. We are here with these vibrational tools to offer nurturance and support however YOU choose it in your life. Let us know. It is our joy and commitment to RESPOND!

Thank you.





The Happy Support Grounding Crew...




Welcome to Bridgette, the newest member of our happy support team, both here in AhhhMuse and in Peace Across the Planet.  We feel so blessed by her open heart, her willingness and her skills.  We look forward to you all meeting and interacting with her!






from Bridgette~

Peaceful and blessed greetings from New Mexico!!  My name is Bridgette Johns and I was born and raised in New Zealand.  At the age of 14, I moved with my family  to Pennsylvania where I completed high school and then went on to Juniata College, where I recieved my undergraduate degree in Biology, Spanish and Writing.  Over the next 10 years, I lived and worked abroad in countries such as Ecuador, South Africa, and The Bahamas.  In 2009, I moved to New Mexico with my daughter, Maya, now 5 years old, and shortly after, I met my fiancé, Pete.  We have recently purchased a house in Pinos Altos, NM, and Pete and I are really excited to focus our intentions on natural building, permaculture practices, edible and medicinal gardening, water and power conservation, and giving back to the earth.  I am also a Reiki practitioner and spend a lot of my time actively learning and practicing herbal medicine.  For me, it is such an honor and a privilege to be a part of AhhhMuse and I am so completely awed and inspired by all who participate and hold the intent in such a glorious contribution to Mother Earth and all of Her beings.



Konnichiwa.  Hana and Hiro are the Happy Happy Crystal School in Tokyo.  They are major distributers of our Stones and Crystals in Japan as well as the sole distributers of many of our products.  They also organize and sponser our travels and workshops in Japan.  We see them every year at the Tuscon and Denver Gem Shows and they even helo us set up our rooms and displays.  The greatest blessing they contiually offer to us is their unending commitment to emodying full-out open-hearted love and joy.  What a gift for us!  Thank You Hana and Hiro.